Saturday, December 22, 2012

There and back again - 21.12.12

I got up, had some oatmeal, and took trains to the Frankfurt airport.  My bags were overweight.  It was annoying and I got some snickers when people saw me put them on, but wearing 7 layers and putting all your books in your pockets is an effective way to get more weight through security.  I had to leave the Almdudler, though, because they don't let you carry fluids through security.
I listened to Timaeus on the transatlantic flight.  You know a book is interesting if the introduction is longer than the book itself.  After that flight, though, I was too tired to listen anymore.  There's only so much Plato you can take in one day.
When I got to the Dallas airport, they were giving all soldiers priority boarding.  When I got to Albuquerque, I noticed that Americans are much more patriotic than Germans.  This would have never happened in Germany:
I took a shuttle to Santa Fe where Daniel picked me up and took me to Los Alamos, where I went straight to bed.  Yep, I'm writing this the next day.
That's my trip!  Thanks for reading.  I had fun and learned a lot.  I'd recommend it to anyone adventurous enough to do it.

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